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Spray Foam Insulation Calgary

Spray Foam Insulation for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Facilities

Calgary Spray Foam Insulation is the company to call whenever you have an insulation project. We offer the spray foam insulation Calgary homeowners depend on to keep their living spaces warm. Our crew comprises of specialists that can supply and install spray foam insulation in any part of your home. We install versatile and high-performance spray foam in the properties of our clients. Be confident that your insulation project will be in the right hands once you hire us.

We’re one of the few spray foam companies in Calgary that have a track record of delivering excellence. That’s because we treat the properties of our clients with the utmost respect when installing spray foam insulation. What’s more, our crew will discuss your project with you in detail before they embark on the job. This ensures that you get a fully customized service that is tailored to suit your needs.

Spray Foam insulation
Spray Foam insulation

The Most Trusted Spray Foam Insulation Calgary Experts

Our spray foam insulation company has been insulating homes and commercial properties for years. We’re a team of the most experienced professionals when it comes to insulating commercial, residential, and commercial properties. We improve the properties of our clients with our insulation by increasing comfort, cleaner air, and energy-efficiency. What’s more, we stand by everything we do. That’s because we’re confident in our ability to deliver excellence. It doesn’t what you want us to insulate or the size of the building. Our crew is the most knowledgeable, experienced, and equipped with the right tools. We will do an excellent job once you hire us to insulate your property. Call us at any time you need the best business or home insulation contractors.

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Quality Spray Foam Calgary Products and Services

When it comes to insulating a property, spray foam is undoubtedly the winning material. This material can lower energy usage by up to 70%. When installed properly, it seals crevices and cracks while creating an airtight seal. It adheres to almost all surfaces while following all contours. The high R-value of spray foam allows for more insulation even into less space. What’s more, spray foam provides permanent insulation. That’s because it does not settle or shrink. We can use closed-cell foam in below-grade applications to protect your property against mildew and mold. Just schedule a consultation appointment with us and we will help you choose the right foam for insulating your property


What We Offer

Attic Insulation

Commercial Spray Foam

Calgary Spray Foam Pros are proud to provide commercial spray foam insulation services to business owners throughout the area. We understand how important it is for your business to be comfortable and energy-efficient, which is why we offer high-quality spray foam insulation that will help you achieve both of those goals.

Calgary Spray foam

Residential Spray Foam

If you’re looking for the best residential spray foam insulation in Calgary, look no further than Calgary Spray Foam Pros. We specialize in providing top-quality spray foam insulation services to homeowners in the Calgary area, and we’re dedicated to helping our clients save money on their energy bills.

Closed Cell Spray Foam

Closed Cell Spray Foam

Closed cell spray foam insulation is one of the most popular types of insulation on the market today. This type of insulation is made from a material called polyurethane, which is a plastic that can be expanded to fill any space. When this material is sprayed into an area, it will quickly harden and create a barrier that will block out any unwanted air or moisture. 

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Open Cell Spray Foam

Open cell spray foam is one of the most popular types of spray foam insulation. It is made up of tiny cells that are not completely closed, which allows it to expand and fill any cracks or gaps. Open cell spray foam has a lower R-value than closed cell spray foam, but it is also much cheaper. If you are looking for an affordable way to insulate your home, open cell spray foam is a good option.

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Attic Insulation

Most people don’t think about their attic insulation until they start to experience problems with their home’s energy efficiency. But if you’re not properly insulated, your attic can be one of the biggest sources of heat loss in your home.

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Attic Insulation

Why Hire the Spray Foam Insulation Contractors Calgary Trusts

​You most likely do not have the tools, skills, and experience required to install spray foam insulation on your property. That’s why you should hire experts to have the foam insulation Calgary residents and businesses will always admire.

​So, why should you insulate your property with spray foam? Well, spray foam insulation is the best in terms of resistance to moisture and mold damage, air sealing, versatility, and R-value. It can also be used in different applications. Our crew comprises of highly trained and experienced experts that have been installing spray foam insulation in different types of properties. ​Whether you need crawl space insulation, basement insulation, or garage insulation, we can do an excellent job. What’s more, we can install closed-cell, open-cell, and blown-in insulation. Just give us a call at any time to discuss your insulation project with experts. We promise to do an excellent job at the most reasonable price.

Spray Foam installer
Spray foam Insulation

​Reasons to Install Spray Foam Insulation

Perhaps, you’re wondering why you should choose spray foam for your attic or basement insulation Calgary project. Well, here are some of the major reasons to choose spray foam insulation over other materials:

  • Excellent crack and gap filling capability
  • It stops air leaks while providing high insulation value
  • It does not compress or fall out of its place or even lose its R-value the way fibreglass does
  • Quieter indoor space due to the sealed voids and cracks
  • Closed-cell spray foam does not support the growth of mold because it is waterproof

We’re the most experienced spray foam insulation specialists. Our crew has been providing experts’ installation of spray foam in residential, commercial, and industrial properties over the years. Be confident that your spray foam insulation project will be in the hands of highly-skilled, local spray foam installers once you choose us.

​Choose Our Expert Spray Foam Contractors Calgary Trusts for Superior Results, Comprehensive Spray Foam Insulation Services

We aim to cater to the needs of different clients that seek our services. Whether you need help with spray foam installation, replacement, or upgrading of home insulation, we can help you. We install spray foam that improves the energy efficiency of a property. This decreases monthly energy bills while boosting comfort. We handle exterior walls, crawl spaces, garages, basement, pipe penetrations, and attic insulation Calgary projects. During winter, the attic can get too cold. In summer, it can get too hot. These extreme temperatures can overtax your HVAC. Adding more cellulose or fiberglass to the insulation is a waste of money and time. The same case applies to the other parts of your home. When you install spray foam to the attic system, it seals out cold or the heat from the underside. This creates a conditioned space for the air handling system and your HVAC ductwork. Consequently, your air conditioning units won’t have to work harder to maintain the right temperature levels in your home.  This will lower your monthly utility bills.

Our most common services include:

  • Residential spray foam insulation
  • Commercial spray foam insulation
  • Industrial spray foam insulation
  • Steel building & structural insulation
  • Entire home insulation
  • Attic insulation
  • Blown-in insulation
  • Garage insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Basement insulation
  • Roof insulation

You will feel some difference when you hire us to install spray foam in your property. That’s because the combination of insulation and air sealing reduces cooling and heating energy usage by a significant percentage.

We can install spray foam on roofs, contoured surfaces, and around corners. Just give us the details of your project and we will be glad to install spray form in your property. Our crew will come with everything necessary to install spray foam professionally, safely, and efficiently.

Spray foam Insulation Installer
Spray foam insulation

Let Experts Install Spray Foam Insulation for You

Our spray foam Calgary experts have what it takes to do an excellent job when it comes to insulating a home. Spray foam has different benefits and features, depending on the chosen product. It’s also unique in terms of the ability to be applied to different substrates. When you enlist our service, we take a look at different substrates to which we can apply spray foam. We also consider the steps that we should take to ensure proper performance and adhesion of your spray foam insulation. A general rule when it comes to the application of spray foam is to ensure that the substrates are clean and dry. They should also be free of oil, grease, loose scale, and rust. Our crew will also spray a small area first to test the substrates. They may also have to leave it overnight to sit. This will be followed by adhesion testing in the day that will follow before spraying a larger area. Essentially, we take all necessary measures to ensure that we provide the spray foam insulation Calgary residents and businesses are always proud of for years.

Experienced Commercial Spray Foam Insulation in Calgary

Our team of qualified spray foam technicians apply insulation for both small and large facilities. These include structures like shops, garages, stores and quonsets. Larger projects include manufacturing facilities, warehouses, commercial retail properties, malls, buildings and more. Our contractors are skilled installers and have experience working on a variety of commercial construction sites, we are more than qualified to complete any job from start to finish. Ask our commercial spray foam insulation experts about our process of achieving a high level of success on every job we perform. We safely assess each job site thoroughly prior to any insulation being applied, and our technicians possess the necessary knowledge and awareness of the entire site.

Attic Insulation Calgary

When considering insulating your attic, a huge component involved is the energy saving capabilities it possess. Just think about how much money on your utility bill you can save every month simply by hiring a qualified Calgary attic insulation company like ours. This can easily be done by increasing the overall levels of insulation in your attic and ensuring proper air sealing in the area to keep out unwanted drafts from outdoors. By adding effective blown-in attic insulation, you can almost immediately begin to notice the impact and it’s results. This can include warmer air flow in your home and sustainable temperature throughout. It will help maintain cooler air during the summer heat and warmer air throughout the winter. If you would like to get started, give us a call today to discuss getting your attic insulated using our high efficient services, your budget and wallet will thank you for it!

Spray Foam Insulation
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Basement Insulation Calgary

Increasing the overall warmth of your basement through insulation is only one benefit. As mentioned with insulating other areas of your home, basement insulation can also provide a more optimal usage of energy, in addition to protecting your basement from unwanted moisture or water leaks that can potentially harm the structural integrity of the basement. Insulating your basement with spray foam can lead to higher levels of comfort for you and your family. Areas of a basement that normally receive the most benefit is wall insulation, basement floor insulation and ceiling insulation. Get in touch with our professionals to learn more.

Calgary's Best Spray Foam Insulation

Calgary Spray Foam Pros

Is the leading provider of spray foam insulation in Calgary. We offer a variety of services to meet your needs, including attic insulation, basement insulation, exterior wall insulation, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spray foam insulation is a type of insulation that is sprayed onto surfaces to insulate them. It is made from two main ingredients: polyurethane and isocyanate. When these two ingredients are mixed together, they expand and harden, creating a thick, protective barrier.

Spray foam insulation works by creating a barrier between the surface it is applied to and the outside world. This barrier helps to keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer. It also helps to prevent moisture from entering the home, which can lead to mold and mildew growth.

There are many benefits to using spray foam insulation. It is an effective way to insulate your home and can help you save money on your energy bills. It is also environmentally friendly, as it does not contain any harmful chemicals.

Spray foam insulation is designed to last for the lifetime of your home. It will not degrade over time and will continue to provide effective insulation for as long as you own your home.

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We have built a great reputation in the Calgary area for being the leading experts in spray foam insulation.

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We specialize in all types of insulation, including spray foam insulation. This means that we have the experience and expertise to get the job done right the first time.

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We are committed to offering our clients the best possible value for their money. We offer competitive pricing on all of our services, including spray foam insulation.

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We understand that our clients rely on us to get the job done right. That's why we always show up on time and work quickly and efficiently.

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We are Professional

We pride ourselves on being professional in everything we do. From our initial consultation to the completion of your project, we will always be courteous and respectful.

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Maybe you want to know more about our spray foam services. You may also not be sure whether spray foam is the right material for insulating your property. Well, we have specialists that are ready to answer any of your questions. Our specialists can even come to inspect your home and make recommendations. If your property is unfit for spray foam insulation installation, our crew will be honest and tell you. They can even suggest an alternative. That means you won’t just install spray foam on your property blindly.